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What Is Tesla Autopilot? Answers For FAQ

Seemingly, one of the most controversial things about Tesla cars is its Autopilot feature, a driver-assist feature that helps drivers navigate and pilot their vehicle. Oddly, while news of exciting Autopilot features comes out regularly, general information about exactly what Autopilot is, what the options are, and what it can and cannot do seem to be few and far between ... Read More

Tesla Model 3 & Model Y Are Legitimately Disruptive — What Should Automakers Do?

The world is changing. It always is, but the change is particularly dramatic right now in certain technology sectors. To a normal person's eyes, changes in the auto industry may seem only incremental. Cars are getting a bit more "connected," more people are using 21st century taxis from Uber and Lyft (please don't call this ridesharing), and some people are driving electric cars. But we ain't seen nothing yet ... Read More

Tesla Model 3’s Automatic Emergency Braking Saves Cyclist (Videos)

In a video uploaded by Gustavo Testa, a Tesla Model 3's Automatic Emergency Braking appears to save the butt, and perhaps life, of a cyclist. Right at 8 seconds into the short clip, the cyclist swerves left, then seems to realize there's a car behind him and immediately swerves right ... Read More

2020 — The Year Of The Tesla Model Y & Other ICE-Killing Crossovers

I'm a big fan of the Tesla Model Y. I've written about the Model Y's 3rd row being the key to it becoming the best selling vehicle in the world, the Model Y beating the Lamborghini Urus (which is over 3 times the price), styling tricks that Tesla used to make an SUV looks like a performance sedan, and most recently Tesla cutting Model Y prices ... Read More

India x Cleantech — September 2019

Welcome to the inaugural issue of our new India x Cleantech series! On a monthly basis, we will pull news from across clean technology sectors in India into a single, concise summary article. Ongoing, this series will find a home over on CleanTechnica's “Future Trends” page. Without further ado, here are this month's highlights from India x Cleantech ... Read More

Many States Are Punishing Drivers For Owning An Electric Car

A new study by Consumer Reports show that many states are seemingly punishing electric vehicle (EV) drivers for owning an ... Read More

We Can Still Save The Earth From Climate Change. Here’s How.

A global 100% renewables system will create 15 million additional jobs ... Read More

Cracking The Code Of What People Want In Electric Vehicles

Cracking the code of what people want in their electric vehicles is not that complicated, even though analysts at Edmunds seem to think otherwise. In an article published by the San Diego Union Tribune, a market analyst at Edmunds said that electric car buyers "don’t seem to be EV fans, they seem to be Tesla fans.” She also said that, "It’s been really hard for any other company to crack the code of what people want in an EV.” ... Read More

UFO Drive — The Tesla & EV Rental Company Of The 21st Century (CleanTechnica Review)

This is a short overview of a standard car rental story that you have probably experienced yourself more than once with varying degrees of severity: We went on vacation and landed at the destination airport after midnight completely exhausted. After the security check and baggage claim, we started looking for the signs leading to the [&hellip ... Read More

Toyota & Sharp Working On Solar Powered Prius

Toyota is testing high efficiency solar panels supplied by Sharp to extend the range of its Prius Prime. ... Read More