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Smart Mobility Cluj 2019

Tesla community România - First 2019 meeting

Zoe - First annual check - 67€

First Romanian EV Owners Meeting

The Master Plan or how to switch Europe to EVs by 2030 - Part II

US Auto Sales Slump … Automakers Lagging Tesla … Woz Buys Tesla Powerwalls — #CleanTechnica Top 20

The most popular stories on CleanTechnica last week covered a wide variety of Tesla stories, some fun Nissan LEAF stories, a piece on the new EV approach from Nikola Motors, news of a 10 gigawatt battery factory for India, and some scientific advancements in geothermal energy and batteries ... Read More

Were CNBC Sources — “Tesla Employees” — Funded By TSLAQ?

CNBC recently published an article claiming that Tesla workers said they took shortcuts while working in harsh conditions in order to meet Model 3 production goals. This is a bold accusation that CNBC backs up with two names sources and several unnamed sources. The two named sources are husband and wife, Carlos and Maggie Aranda. There are some reasons you may want to be cautious before assuming these claims are true ... Read More

A 4,000 Mile Road Trip In A Tesla Model 3 (Video + Interview)

Mike Krueger recently drove with his son in a Tesla Model 3 from northern California to Texas and back to visit family members who live in the Lone Star State ... Read More

Support CleanTechnica — And Maybe Also Invest In CleanTechnica!

I recently got this note from a newsletter I'm subscribed to: "Major media outlets have laid off more than 2,400 writers, editors, and support staff so far this year." Indeed, it's hard to grow, make money, publish great content, and keep people employed in the media business ... Read More

Tesla Model 3 vs. BMW 230i, 330i, 440i, & i3s

I've been thoroughly digging through our archives lately and ran across a series of articles published in the middle of 2017 that seemed to be worth a refresh and rerun. These are simple comparisons I conducted between the Tesla Model 3 and other premium-class cars in its general price range and size. Let's revisit how current BMW options compare to the Model 3, this time adding in some 5 year cost of ownership scenarios ... Read More

Coal, Gas Sink As New York Sails Into Offshore Wind Power Mega-Deal

While New York State signs the biggest offshore wind deal in US history, more signs of trouble loom on the horizon for coal and natural gas power plants ... Read More

Solar Power Comes To Standing Rock Reservation

The 300 kilowatt CannonBall Community Solar Power plant on the Standing Rock Reservation is the largest solar power farm in North Dakota. ... Read More

India’s Greenko & Sembcorp Receive Funding For Renewable Energy Expansion

Bond payment defaults and renegotiations of wind and solar power projects are proving to be a challenge in India. Even as the Indian renewable energy sector struggles with these stressful developments, a number of large and ‘well-backed’ companies are receiving additional funds for further expansion of operations. Greenko Energy Holdings announced the closure of another [&hellip ... Read More

Speakers At DCD-San Francisco Ask, “Why Won’t Utility Companies Give Us The Renewable Energy We Want?”

Data centers are some of the largest consumers of electricity in the world but even they have trouble getting utility companies to listen to them when they ask for more renewable energy. ... Read More

UK, Canada, & US Readers: Tell us what you think about Electric Vehicles!

Whether you drive an EV, have one on order, or have never thought about getting an EV, please share your thoughts! ... Read More