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[RO] Românii plantează! O Pădure cât o țară - Cea mai mare campanie de împădurire din ultimul deceniu

[RO] Prosumator în România, faza: Intimidare

[EN] My Solar energy production live

[RO] Prosumator în România

[EN] How a grid operator in România is making you pay for the electricity you never consumed

[EN] Hybrid car, another way to sell internal combustion engines

Perovskite Solar Cells … Toyota Driving Off A Hybrid Cliff … The Boring Company’s 1st Vegas Tunnel — #CleanTechnica Top 20

The most popular CleanTechnica stories last week involved perovskite solar cell research and projections (a hot topic for the past few — or several — years), Toyota's continued focus on hybrids (considered by many to be a death knell for the hybrid leader and 100% electric laggard), and The Boring Company's first of two Las Vegas tunnels ... Read More

Solar-Powered Vehicles From Solarolla

"I’m part of a grass roots solar vehicle production company in Ashland OR, called Solarolla (www.solarolla.com)," Daniel & the Solarolla team wrote ... Read More

Ideal US Cities To Survive Climate Change

Climate scientists have shared where they think would be an ideal place to live in the United States in order to avoid natural disasters. An article, published by Business Insider, posed a question to 12 climate scientists and they gave us a few cities that they thought would be safest ... Read More

Tesla Cyberbubbles — Another Fun Idea For Elon Musk

Cyberbubbles are a fun new idea for the Tesla Cybertruck and could be a fun way to safely "bubble roll" diesel vehicles on the road ... Read More

5 Strategies That Achieve Climate Mitigation & Adaptation Simultaneously

Climate actions have often fallen into one of two strategies: mitigation efforts to lower or remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere, and adaptation efforts to adjust systems and societies to withstand the impacts of climate change. The separation has led to the misinformed view that addressing climate change means pursuing either mitigation or adaptation ... Read More

Tesla Model 3 Humbles Honda Civic With Chimney On Drag Strip (Video)

Yes, that is a freakin' chimney on a modified fifth generation Honda Civic shamelessly emitting clouds of smoke. Making breathing more difficult for every living being on this planet surely means toughness, right? Ummm, we'll see ... Read More

Why The Dealership Model Is Anti-American

In a new video, Sean Mitchell explains why he thinks the US auto dealership model is anti-American ... Read More

Tesla Cyber Sedan Concept (Video)

A Tesla Cyber Sedan is the latest work of creative engineering inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck. This work of art and engineering is brought to life by YouTuber Inspire Automotive, who has an idea for Tesla for a Cyber Sedan ... Read More

Australians On Climate-Related Anxieties

Australians shared their climate-related anxieties 10 years ago in a recently published study. The study found that rural Australians are most concerned about "suffering under climate change." They were concerned about suffering financially. They were concerned about suffering environmentally. They were concerned about health problems and even social challenges ... Read More

Super Duper Supercapacitors Could Accelerate Electric Car Revolution

Supercapacitors offer exciting new possibilities for electric vehicles. Here are two stories about advances in supercapacitor technology. ... Read More