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Hybrid car, another way to sell internal combustion engines

Tesla Model 3 in România

Smart Mobility Cluj 2019

Tesla community România - First 2019 meeting

Zoe - First annual check - 67€

If You Think Something Is Impossible, Then You Have Already Lost

An interview with Aran Consentino, Fridays for Future Udine, Italy ... Read More

Tesla [TSLA] FUD: The Earnings Are Coming!

There are a slew of articles right now telling wildly different stories about what we should expect when Tesla reports its earnings on October 23rd after the bell. Articles have ranged from negative spin to positive spin. The negatives mostly seem centered around wondering if Tesla's revenues may have gone down as the product mix became more Model 3-centric, and the positives are about how many analysts have been revising their earnings expectation up lately ... Read More

Another Tesla Conference Call, Time For Critics To Move The Goal Posts

Tesla critics and short sellers have moved a lot of goal posts. I recently highlighted this a bit with the articles "7 Things Tesla Couldn’t Do" and "7 More Things Tesla Couldn’t Achieve," and have done so much more in our long-running "Tesla Flashbacks" series. Twitter user "The Short Shorts Historian"/@TeslaHistorian recently tackled this matter using another format — a timeline ... Read More

Tesla = 75–85% of US Electric Vehicle Sales

We no longer publish monthly US electric vehicle sales reports, because few automakers publish their monthly electric vehicle sales, and several don't even publish quarterly sales of their EVs. Nonetheless, I continue to track the numbers that are published and estimate sales for the other fully electric models ... Read More

The Many EV Startups That Were Supposed To Threaten Tesla But Didn’t

Over the years, as we've noted several times, certain electric vehicles from traditional automakers have been hyped as "Tesla killers" (mostly by members of the media and Wall Street, not the automakers). Those EVs have not turned out to be Tesla killers. On the contrary, the Tesla Model 3 is the top selling EV in the world and several of these "killers" have very limited sales ... Read More

BMW CEO Confirms i3 Production Will Continue, With Larger Battery On The Way

The BMW i3 will get a new lease on life, according to a Facebook post from the official BMW i account. The news comes as an official statement from BMW's new CEO, Oliver Zipse, with details about the new i ... Read More

The Rayvolt eXXite X One Electric Bike Packs Tons Of Tech Into An Affordable Package

The team at Rayvolt are back with a new project that takes the ebike tech they have been building to the next level. They are launching a new line of e-bikes under the eXXite brand, starting with the futuristic X One that includes a built-in touchscreen display that adds meaningful new functionality. Specifically, the eXXite [&hellip ... Read More

Electric Vehicles Take Center Stage At Solar Power International 2019

At Solar Power International in Salt Lake City, Utah this year, one of the key themes was the integration of electric vehicle charging infrastructure into the fold of the solar-powered smart home ... Read More

India’s Adani Green Energy Grabs $362 Million From Green Bond Issue

Foreign investors latched onto a green bond issued by Adani Green Energy, a leading renewable energy company in India. Despite the poorly rated paper, investors flocked to the bond issue ... Read More

Energy Storage News: CATL Factory In Germany & Rio Tinto’s Lithium Plant In California

Supply increases to meet demand. CATL is building its first battery factory outside China in Germany and Rio Tinto says leftover rocks from its borax mine in California may have a higher concentration of lithium that any other US location. ... Read More