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Open The Plug-In Hybrid Floodgates! Germany EV Sales Report

Something clicked in the German plug-in vehicle market after the summer holidays. The market had a record month (9,452 registrations) in September, and then October came and set a new record, this time 26% above the previous one! 11,926 plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) were registered, more than doubling last year's result. With China's PEV market in post-subsidy blues, this is a welcome boost to global sales. Now if only the US market helped to carry the burden ... Read More

French EV Market Up 65%, Finally Some Reshuffling!

The French plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) market had 6,433 registrations in October, up 65% year over year (YoY). Interestingly, this time, it was the plug-in hybrids (+118%) pulling the market up the most, with BEVs growing "just" 53% ... Read More

Is The Ford Mustang Mach E A Tesla Killer?

Now that the specs of the Mustang Mach E have been leaked (we got them as well but decided to follow the rules and not leak them), most articles are interested in how it compares to the Model Y. It's going to be other items that differentiate the two cars and determine which one people are more comfortable with and decide to buy. Instead of listing all the ways the cars are similar, I'm going to list the ways they are different ... Read More

World’s Largest Floating Wind Turbine Launching Soon In Portugal

20 kilometers off the coast of Viana do Castello, Portugal, is about to be the new home to the largest floating wind turbine in the world, an 8.4-megawatt (MW) ABS-classed offshore wind turbine. This is continental Europe’s first large-scale floating wind farm. A belief is that this renewable installation is ushering in the Golden Era of wind, especially offshore wind ... Read More

An Ultimate Tesla Model 3 User’s Guide

What happens when a writer and a software engineer purchase a Tesla Model 3? Naturally, they re-create the Tesla Model 3 User's Guide and put their own spin on it ... Read More

FlixBus Plans Hydrogen Fuel Cell Test Fleet Of Electric Buses For Clean Long Distance Travel

Flixbus says it has already begun talks with bus manufacturers about the introduction of hydrogen models. Its first electric buses were manufactured by BYD and Yutong, but the company wants to provide an opportunity to all European bus manufacturers to participate in hydrogen fuel cell bus development ... Read More

Greta Sails Home, + Common “Net-Zero Emissions” Questions & Answers

This week, Greta Thunberg, the well known empowered climate activist from Northern Europe, continued her net-zero-emissions journey by returning home. Greta is working to educate the world. She spreads hope and addresses concerns. Avoiding the use of fossil fuels, she once again took to the seas rather than flying in order to reach Europe with her father ... Read More

Steady, Reliable Wind Power Wins Over Coal-Crazy Missouri

Wind power, not coal power, will anchor a new industrial park in Sedalia, Missouri with the help of a new federally funded rail connection (socialism!) ... Read More

Volkswagen Seemingly Believes A Common Tesla Myth

A common Tesla myth is that you have to be wealthy to own one. In a blog post on its website, Volkswagen says that it is "making attractive and affordable electric cars for everyone. E-cars for millions – not for millionaires." ... Read More

China General Nuclear To Invest $2.5 Billion In Wind & Solar In Mongolia

China General Nuclear group says it is investing nearly $2.5 billion to build 1 GW of solar and 2 GW of wind power in Inner Mongolia. Both are expected to come online in 2021. ... Read More