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NRDC & Partners Go To Court On EPA’s Methane Surrender

As enormous fires engulf the West and hurricanes pummel the South, Andrew Wheeler, the former oil and gas lobbyist running Trump's U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, has taken another step to let climate-polluting industries off scot-free ... Read More

Canada, China, Chile, Finland, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, & Sweden To Collaboratively Grow Zero-Emission Commercial Vehicle Manufacturing, Infrastructure & Deployment

Noting the climate, economic, jobs and health benefits it would bring, today nine nations on four continents agreed to work collaboratively to grow zero-emission commercial vehicle manufacturing, infrastructure and deployment at home and globally ... Read More

Google Buying Subsidy-Free Solar Power In Denmark

As I've been writing recently, solar power prices just keep on dropping. How much? Well, enough that it makes financial sense for Google to buy subsidy-free solar power in extremely northerly (i.e., grey) Denmark ... Read More

KIA Plans EV Division With 7 Models, 25% EV Sales By 2030. Is That Goal Too Low?

KIA says it is focusing on being an electric vehicle company and will offer 7 new all electric models by 2027. Will that be too little too late ... Read More

Electric Ford F-150 Will Offer Fleets Game-Changing 40% Lower Cost Of Operation

Ford opened up with more details about its fully electric F-150 in a livestreamed event this morning. The new F-150 will start rolling off the production lines in mid-2022, boasting more power and torque than its gasoline-powered counterparts. Ford is promising a breakthrough in cost with the new electric F-150, with a total cost of ownership that's far lower than its combustion competition ... Read More

13% Plugin Vehicle Market Share In Germany!

After a record month in August, the German plugin vehicle market had its second best month ever in August, with a little over 33,000 units registered, an amazing performance considering August is usually one of the slowest selling months of they year ... Read More

You Need To Know About Nitrogen Pollution — A CleanTechnica Exclusive

How do microbes break down organic matter and help agricultural sustainability ... Read More

Elon Touts Radical Manufacturing Redesign, Tesla Awarded Metal Air Battery Patent

Elon Musk says the fundamental architecture of the Model Y produced in Germany will be significantly different from the cars made in Fremont. Also, Tesla has recently been granted a patent for a metal air battery. ... Read More

Shipments Of The Plug & Play Orison Energy Storage System Slated For End Of 2020

In 2015, Eric Clifton envisioned a home energy storage appliance that simply plugged into the wall. He founded Orison Inc and in 2016, launched a Kickstarter campaign to let customers lock in an order for the 2.2 kWh wall-mounted appliance. Fast forward a few years, and Orison has perfected the design of the product. The [&hellip ... Read More

Living With A Tesla Is Like Living In The Future

This revelation hit me at different times in different ways, but the headline above struck me today and inspired this short piece. There are several ways that living with a Tesla makes you feel like you're living in the future. I'm sure I'll miss some here, but the ones below stand out to me ... Read More