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EV Club Privacy Policy

EV Club Privacy Policy, Last updated on 31 of October 2021EV Club is not using cookies and we do not collect data about you, your preferences or your location. However, our hosting service is collecting access data and we have access to this data. This collection is done automatically, cannot be stopped by us and it is nothing unusual about it, many hosting services are collecting the same data in order to improve their services and help their customers improve sites. Data collected by our hosting service automatically includes:OIP address and the time you spent on each pageOBrowser you used to access EV Club and capabilities of the browser (ex: has java enabled)OCountries from where EV Club was accessedOMost accessed pages on EV ClubOOperating system used to access EV Club
EV Club is using the following services:OGoogle Analytics, privacy policy can be found hereODisqus, privacy policy can be found here
EVClub, is a non profit platform and is using jQWidgets library.We do not disclose to third party data we can access from our hosting service. If you do not agree with the privacy policies of the services we use or with the automatic data collection done by our hosting service, please do not access EV Club.
If you have any question please contact us here.