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First Romanian EV Owners Meeting

The Master Plan or how to switch Europe to EVs by 2030 - Part II

The Master Plan or how to switch Europe to EVs by 2030 - Part I

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Volkswagen ID — Anatomy Of A Fully Electric Ecosystem

The Volkswagen ID is not just a sub-brand like Mercedes-Benz's EQ or Citroen's DS. It is a set of systems that enable carefree electric driving, forming an eco-system ... Read More

Tesla Marketing, Consumer Awareness, Tesla FUD, Tesla Communications, Elon Musk, & More — CleanTech Talk with Zac from Now You Know

In this episode of our CleanTech Talk podcast interview series, Chanan Bos and I sat down with Zac from the hugely popular YouTube show Now You Know. We talked almost entirely about Tesla, but also about the Now You Know show and a few other cleantech topics ... Read More

Reasons To Buy A Tesla Model 3 By May 27, & A Few Reasons To Not Buy

Tesla is offering 5,000 free miles of Supercharging if you order by May 27. You have to use the miles within 6 months, but that could save you about about $450 if you drive a lot, less if you drive less. You should also get your car by June 30, 2019 — so, if you are in the US, you should be eligible for the $3,750 tax credit ... Read More

BNEF’s Latest “Embarrassingly” Lowball EV Outlook

BNEF's reputation as progressive on EV adoption projections is in question after its latest Electric Vehicle Outlook report trims its previous projections of sales across the coming decade down 10%, and assumes annual growth rates will quickly drop to 23–24% from the current rate of 56%. ... Read More

Tesla Model 3 Charges Twice As Fast As Audi e-tron … Air Pollution Is Killing Us … “Tesla Killer” MIA — #CleanTechnica Top 20

The most popular articles of the past week on CleanTechnica were topped by a detailed, thorough, clear debunking of an Audi marketing mistake — thanks to a couple of guest posters for that piece. Also topping the charts were a depressing look at the high cost of air pollution, another "Tesla killer" that doesn't threaten let alone beat any Teslas, our Danish writer's interesting debate with himself (number crunching and all) regarding which Tesla Model 3 to buy, and an "Elonroad" EV charging system in Sweden ... Read More

Triumph Planning New Electric Motorcycle

Triumph is working on an electric motorcycle with Willams Advanced Engineering. It plans to have its first electric model for sale in about two years. ... Read More

Bolt Mobility Unveils $9,999 Electric Car Designed For Car-Sharing In Cities

Usain Bolt is the principal investor in Bolt Mobility. Its first electric car, the B-Nano, is intended for short trips in urban environments and will cost just $9,999. ... Read More

Jerome — The Man, The Myth, The Tesla Super-Engineer — #CleanTechnica Interview

If you were following Tesla in the early days of the Model S, and more so if you were an early Model S owner, you probably know or know of Jerome Guillen. He led development of the Tesla Model S (program director) and was also VP of Worldwide Sales and Service for 2½ years. He was absolutely loved by owners. If you frequented Tesla forums in the pre–Model X days, you might have even seen more love for Jerome than for Elon (Musk). People loved him ... Read More

Putting The Greyp G6 Electric Mountain Bike Through Its Paces On The Adriatic Coastline

Bucket list trip to Zagreb, Croatia — check. Thanks to Greyp, I was invited to the official launch of the G6 fully-connected electric mountain bike (e-bike) to experience and cover the bike for CleanTechnica. This is the company's second high-end e-bike, following the wild GS12 I was fortunate to ride a while back ... Read More

Electric Car Drivers & Potential Drivers — Chime In!

As I announced last week, we are now collecting data for our 2019 electric car driver report. Yet again, building on the work of previous years and always looking to evolve, we're aiming to significantly improve the data, analysis, and report in ... Read More