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"The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles." -Oren Harari

My name is Marius Șerban, I'm from Romania and as a father and engineer I consider that is our duty to leave the planet Earth better that we found it and renounce once and for all to fossil fuels and adopt on large scale electrical transportation. Is not a matter of choice, we need to do this change as soon as possible or the life on this planet will change drastically in the next decades.Climate change effects are not linear as you may believe, the effects are cumulative and the number of people affected will dramatically increase as you burn more fossil fuel.
I'm an EV owner - Renault ZOE - from June 2018 and a Tesla Model 3 reservation holder from November 2016 and I have plans to purchase one in the next three years.I try to do my part... you?
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