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[EN] Tesla Model 3 in România

Normally I do not cover news, for this we have sites like CleanTechnica and others that you can find in the News section, but in this case, this news is too important for me at least.According to Tesla Twitter account, they have opened today the configurator for Model 3 in the following countries: Poland, Hungary, România and Slovenia. This is a move long expected by EV comunities and after so many twitts to Elon and years of waitting Tesla Model 3 is finally here and orders can be placed directly from East Europe.
Image source: Tesla Twitter accountModel 3 can be configured regardless if you have or not a reservation and the starting prices are:Standard range plus, with an WLTP range of 409km starting at 39500€Long range, with an WLTP range of 560km starting at 48200€Performance, with an WLTP range of 530km starting at 52900€
Image source: TeslaThere are a few options you can choose from and if you fully configure each variant the prices are the following:
Image source: TeslaTo place an order a 2000€ fully refundable payment is required, delivery is estimated for early 2020 for all variants and most important, all the prices are without VAT. The conditions for orders placed within European Union are listed bellow.
Image source: TeslaUnfortunately there is also a down side, Tesla is not yet present in România with a subsidiary and orders are not eligible to Rabla Plus program and you cannot get 45000 RON ~ 9500€ from the state for buying a car that is fully electric.Published by Marius Şerban at 22:49 on 23.08.2019 [EEST]