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Guess what, the world is changing and what you thought "normal" a few years ago now is another thing of the past, our fossil past. I say this regardless that the media is not telling you the truth and the classic automakers are stacked in their little fossil world and the vast majority of them are unable to adapt and offer valuable products for their customers. Instead of building better products, classic automakers are using media to sell their fossils designed in the `80s or `90s at best and with each day passing by, they are missing the change and are one day closer to their end on our expense.On one side, we have our kids that skip school and protest against climate change inaction and on the other side, we have media that is spreading FUD about Tesla and other electric car companies while they try to sell you ICE cars. The question is: who do you trust?If you are an EV owner, I have all the respect in the world for you, because you are doing the right thing and with every kilometer you drive and every ICE car you pass, you my friend change the world. As an EV owner myself, I will try to bring you all the relevant information to make your life a little easier.If you are considering buying an electric car, well this is an important decision for you, electric cars are not cheap but regardless what car you will chose, as long as it is a pure electric car and not a Hybrid, we will try to help you in your decision with relevant informations and help you learn all the things you need to know about normal electric cars.If you have not decided to purchase an electric car yet, I think you should do this soon because today the queue is several months long on most of the producers and the longer you wait the longer will take you to receive your car. In many european states there are incentives for buying electric cars and only from the fuel and maintenance costs savings you should be able to afford a higher priced electric car compared with an ICE car. From my experience you should afford an electric car that is with up to 10000 € more expensive then an ICE car. There are also used electric cars that you can consider and in some cases this can be half of the price of a new ICE car. So instead for buying an ICE car, please consider first an electric car or better do a test drive with an electric car and fall in love like the rest of us.In the end of my first article of hopefully many that will come, I will like to ask you to think about the following: If by design ICE cars had tailpipe in the front and first affected by pollution would be the passengers, how many ICE cars the classic automakers could have sold?I think none, and considering the traffic congestion in many european cities with each passing day the tailpipe of ICE cars is closer and closer to the front of the car.Published by Marius Şerban at 14:22 on 22.03.2019 [EEST]