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[EN] Zoe - First annual check - 67€

One year ago I had my first EV experience, not with a Zoe but with a Nissan Leaf 40kWh version. A few weeks after I could not resist anymore driving a fossil and we bought Zoe, our first electric car. This being said, almost one year has passed and it was time for annual technical revision.Normally in order to perform this revision the dealership need to have the ZE certification from Renault and this as far as I know costs a lot of money and most dealers at least in Romania do not have this certification yet. I was lucky because it seems that the first revision can be performed by any Renault dealer, or at least this is what I understood.So yesterday it was my turn, and after 19296 km with only one significant issue, my Zoe had the first technical revision done in Cluj. This is not a significant operation, basically they performed:• Checked for any visible damage, battery, body, undercarriage• Brake check• Lights check• Fluids check: brake and drive unit coolant – do not think engine oil and other pollutants• Replace the passenger compartment filter – I normally replace this every 3 monthsEntire revision lasted less than half an hour and the cost was ~67€. This is the most significant cost that I paid from the purchase data (excluding: insurance and other costs like home charging station or mobile charging station when you already have a home charging station). As you can see is very, very expensive to operate an electric car, the incredible yearly cost for me was the astonishing amount of 67€.
Published by Marius Şerban at 20:49 on 07.06.2019 [EEST]