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[EN] My first MWh of 100% renewable clean energy

This week I have passed an important milestone: My photovoltaic system has produced and I have consumed, the first MWh of energy, 100% renewable energy.

The good part is that using the latest data available from my energy supplier (more info here), the amount of CO2 I have not emitted is around 289 Kg.You can say is a very good production considering that system was commissioned in September 2019 and it was winter time in România, but I can assure you that this is not the case and my first MWh of energy should have been produced long time ago. According to PVWatts calculator, my system should have been produced between November 2019 and March 2020 around 1.4MWh and in reality I have only produced 639kWh and the amount of solar radiation was far more than predicted by statistical data.At this point my system can produce around 35 - 40kWh per day and do to double plus bad cold I have a production excess of more then 20kWh each day and I cannot feed in this energy to the grid do to complete incompetence, lack of understanding of law and applicable standards of my grid operator: SDEE Transilvania Nord

Image credit: Solar WebTo be clear, people are dying and one of the aggravating causes is pollution and me and others like me have an excess of clean energy and we cannot feed in this energy to the grid do to incompetence. And for every kWh that we cannot feed in they sell one kWh of dirty energy.Even if I want to feed in this energy for free into the grid I'm not allowed by law.You can check out my solar production live herePublished by Marius Şerban at 17:51 on 10.04.2020 [EEST]