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[EN] Europe bought by Bill Gates, or how we will pay more for less

European Commission announces today in a press release a start of a toxic partnership with one of the most hated person on this planet Bill Gates and his newest way of making money while making other suffer - Breakthrough Energy.
Image credit: PixabayOfficially the partnership should have as result the fulfillment of targets assumed by European Commission in the Green Deal accord and the development of new technologies in the following areas:◉ Green hydrogen an aberration itself, hydrogen is not a viable alternative to fossil fuels rather a pretext for spending money.◉ Sustainable aviation fuels instead of finding new means of propulsion they want to spend more money in developing new types fuels.◉ Direct air capture is adding costs and negligible benefits. This types of approaches are not solving the problem of pollution, just add costs to the end consumer.◉ Long-duration energy storage the only target related to pollution reduction.

Huge conflict of interestsOn one side the president of European Commission, Ursula van der Leyen member of World Economic Forum (one of the organizations behind "The Great Reset" or the plague that is destroying Europe today), is under investigation by the EU watchdog for the increased prices pay by EU for experimental gene therapy - mARN vaccines.On the other side we have Bill Gates, owner of the biggest foundation in the world that offers grants to Pfizer and Moderna, both having contracts with European Commission for the delivery of the experimental gene therapy (mARN Covid vaccine) and in Moderna case this been the first product released ever.More about Bill Gates plans to dominate the world, vaccinate every living being on this planet and depopulation through vaccination you can find on an excellent documentary published by The Corbett Report last year.

What to expect after this "partnership"On the immediate term, you should expect problems with european energy sector. As you may already know from the news and propaganda, they are preparing for energy blackouts across Europe. European grid has never failed as long as I can remember, and now the propaganda is talking about a huge blackout for one week or more.On long term, you should expect huge increase in prices for all types of energy across Europe most of them without a real reason or tangible cause.If you do not already have a photovoltaic system, I think is time to really consider one and even with energy storage capabilities.Published by Marius Şerban at 22:03 on 02.11.2021 [EEST]